Oceanic Victor

Oceanic Victor is a new nature-based tourism facility with a long-term vision of developing Granite Island as an educational resource and fostering marine research with wildlife education and penguin protection. This world class and unique facility provides exposure to Southern Bluefin Tuna, a variety of other marine species indigenous to the marine park, the marine environment as well as nature tours of the Little Penguin colony residing on the island.

Oceanic Victor has educational programmes to offer primary and secondary school students with marine biologists on hand to deliver fun and exciting educational packages.

Come and experience swimming and hand feeding these amazing fish. It’s a great inclusive experience for the entire family, the adventure seeker and those wanting to explore the world beneath the waves.

Oceanic Victor provides a safe but exhilarating marine environment for those who would never have a chance to experience this fascinating and diverse world and to hopefully inspire our next generation to appreciate and respect her ecosystems.

But it’s not just marine wildlife to explore at Oceanic Victor! Granite Island is home to a small colony of wild Little Penguins, who return home from their day in the ocean at dusk. A guided nature tour of Granite Island is the ideal way to view the Little Penguins in their natural habitat.

Aquarium tours depart daily, with wetsuits and equipment included. Guided nature and penguin tours depart daily at dusk.