S11 Marine biodiversity conservation – what’s effective?

Ever since marine protected areas (MPAs) were first introduced, a debate has been held on the most effective tool for marine conservation. Demonstrating that MPAs are still considered an effective approach for marine conservation, an international target of 30% of habitats protected in IUCN category II Zones (high protection zones) was set in 2015 and supported by marine scientists and the IUCN. However, there is still debate amongst marine experts and managers on the merits of marine protected areas and on what management tools are effective for biodiversity conservation. Are marine protected areas the most effective tool? What is limiting them from being effective? Do we just need good fisheries management? Is integrated spatial planning and management the tool of the future? What do we know about best practice to conserve our marine biodiversity? We invite relevant experts, including: scientists; researches; stakeholders; policy makes; and, marine managers to submit abstracts on their experiences in managing marine biodiversity conservation within and beyond national jurisdiction. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion on the outcomes from the day; the roles played; and the tools used to deliver effective marine biodiversity conservation.

Symposium led by

Alison Wright
Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, South Australia

Simon Bryars
Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, South Australia