S13 From sea to coast – marine mammals in a connected world

Marine mammals are connecting land and sea and occupy a wide range of habitats. Their migratory behaviour often poses great challenges to study these animals and albeit their often iconic character, knowledge about their whereabouts is still limited. They are exposed to a range of challenges including impacts from anthropogenic activities such as shipping, fishing, exploration, pollution and climate change but have also found ways of adapting to impacts. New techniques are being used to shed light on the migration, adaptation and behaviour of marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, orcas, southern right and humpback whales in Australian waters setting worldwide standards. Contributions that discuss emerging scientific information, novel methodologies and cross-disciplinary threat abatement for marine mammals will be welcomed.

Symposium led by

Rebecca McIntosh
Philip Island Nature Parks

Simon Goldsworthy
SARDI Aquatic Sciences

Olaf Meynecke
Griffith Centre for Coastal Management