S14 Assessing and mitigating ecosystem effects of fishing and aquaculture

Ecosystem based fisheries management (EBFM) considers the effects of fishing on the whole marine ecosystem. To inform this approach, techniques are required to identify and monitor impacts and develop measures to mitigate both direct and indirect effects of fishing. Wild fisheries can directly impact habitats, interact with non-target species and affect the function of the broader marine ecosystem. Information on bycatch of threatened, endangered and protected species are required to develop measures to mitigate interactions and impacts on their populations. Aquaculture can impact benthic habitats and species assemblages, and the nutrient load in the environment. Ecosystem models can be used to assess the impact of fisheries on ecosystem productivity and simulate ecosystem responses to different fisheries management strategies. These models also provide a means of assessing indirect effects of fishing such as competition with marine predators. Presentations relating to the assessment, mitigation or modelling of the ecosystem effects of fishing and aquaculture are welcome.

Symposium led by

Simon Goldsworthy
SARDI Aquatic Sciences

Alice Mackay
SARDI Aquatic Sciences