S16 Marine Debris: The world-wide pollution crisis acting on local to global scales

Marine debris is fast emerging as one of the most ubiquitous pollutants in the marine environment. Currently, over 7 million tonnes of plastic litter enter the ocean every year and this amount is increasing every day. Plastics can now be found in almost all types of marine environments from coastal wetlands to the deep ocean floor. Consequently, there is a growing body of work dealing with the incidence and impacts of marine debris. This symposium aims to bring together researchers across a wide range of disciplines to share our understanding of the marine plastics issue both in Australasia and internationally. Papers are invited on all aspects of marine plastic pollution. Topics may include analytical methods, distribution and transport of marine plastics, as well as impacts on populations, biodiversity, ecosystems, human health, and socio-economic values of the marine environment. Papers exploring community engagement and management solutions are also welcome.

Symposium led by

Peter Davies
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Edwina Foulsham
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Stephen Smith
National Marine Science Centre, SCU Coffs Harbour


For a comprehensive plastic pollution guide provided by SLO active, please click here.